3 easy hacks from a french chef

Tips that will help you in your daily cooking!

1. Slipping chopping board

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Keeping your chopping board from slipping can be helpful. It prevents from accidents and makes any chopping session much easier.

I like to use rubber jar sealers to place under my chopping board. It’s easy to find, easy to clean, easy to store, easy to use, hygienic and it is the perfect thickness. I usually place 3 or 4, depends of the size of my cutting board.

If you don’t have rubber jar sealers, simply place a wet towel underneath your chopping board. Fold it nicely and make sure it is not too thick.

You can chop chop as much as you want! Be safe!

2. Knife sharpening

#léa #piel #french #chef #léapiel #leapiel

I use a Japanese stone to sharp my knives. It definitely took a bit of time to get use to it. Finding the right motion and the right angle can be tricky.

The angle of the cutting edge of Japanese knives is usually around 30°. But what is 30°? How can I measure this specific angle?

You can simply stick a coin on the side of your knife with tape (I used a 50 cents euro coin). It will help you to get closer to the perfect angle. It will also give you more stability and regularity.

As soon as you feel more confortable, remove the coin and practice.

The more you practice the better you get!

*if your stone is slipping, use your rubber jar sealers!

3. Soggy bottom

#léa #piel #french #chef #léapiel #leapiel

You planned to make a pavlova for dessert, a crunchy french meringue, whipped cream and fruits? Sounds delicious.

To prevent your meringue to get soggy, spread a thin layer of white chocolat on top of your meringue before, let it dry and you are ready to pipe the cream.

In France we call it “chablonner”. It is the action of protecting your meringue or crust with a thin layer of chocolat. It creates a waterproof layer between the crispy part and the cream.

It takes nothing but it will definitely help!

Thanks for reading!

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