3 hacks for perfect eggs

Eggs for breakfast, lunch or brunch? So many options to savor your eggs. Here are my tips for perfect eggs, no more disappointment.

#léa #piel #french #chef #léapiel #leapiel
#léa #piel #french #chef #léapiel #leapiel

1. Perfect fried eggs

I like my fried eggs soft and shiny, perfectly cooked egg white and the egg yolk running right onto my toasted bread.

To get that effect, get your non stick pan on low/medium heat with a little bit of oil or butter (pick your favorite!). Bring your pan to a slightly warm temperature. You don’t want to surprise your egg take it easy.

Crack your egg and cover with a lid. This will help to cook your egg white perfectly without over cooking the bottom. If none of them fits, use a plate, a chopping board, another skillet or whatever you would like!

Still on low/medium heat, wait for 1 or 2 minutes.

Check your fried, the egg white should be cook and shiny, while the yolk should still be running.

Season with salt and pepper , serve as you like.

Et voilà!

To give it a twist, I like to mix turmeric with coconut oil before cracking my egg into the pan. It gives a nice orange color and some health benefits.

#léa #piel #french #chef #léapiel #leapiel

2. Perfect poached eggs

It seems like this one is often a nightmare, but with simple hacks easy peasy!

First thing first, we want our egg to be fresh, in both ways: fresh from the fridge and fresh from the date. By doing that, you make sure to keep the protein present in the egg white as strong as possible.

In the meantime, poor water into a pan with a splash of white vinegar and bring to a simmer. We want the water to be hot but not boiling otherwise our egg will fall apart.

If you feel confident, gently crack your egg directly on top of your pan. Otherwise, crack your egg in a small container and poor it gently into your hot but not boiling water.

Some like to create a vortex before cracking the egg. I use this technique if my egg is not fresh enough. With this technique you can only cook one egg at a time.

Cook your egg on low/medium heat for 2/3 minutes.

Gently bring it out of the water with a skimmer or a big spoon and place your poached egg on a dry towel to get rid of the excess water.

A pinch of sea salt and you are ready to go!

#léa #piel #french #chef #léapiel #leapiel

3. Perfect omelette

Being able to make an omelette is a basic skill a professional chef must have. The omelette should be cook on the outside but soft on the inside. The skin should be smooth and not colored, only a bright and shiny yellow omelette. And most importantly, the omelette musth be rolled and not folded.

Crack your eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper and mix well with a whisk. The egg mix should be smooth with no lumps, we want to break the slimy texture of the egg white.

In the meanwhile, bring a non stick pan on medium heat with a little bit a oil or butter. Just like the fried egg, with don’t want to frighten the eggs.

Poor your eggs into your pan and with a soft scrapping spatula mix it well until 80% of your eggs are cooked. Spread evenly into your pan and let if cook for a few second on medium heat (stop mixing) , just enough time to cook the outside skin of the omelette.

We don’t want to bring the eggs to scramble eggs. The process is kind of similar but we want to stop mixing way before the eggs are fully cooked.

Scrap the edges to make sure it doesn’t stick and gently roll your omelette.

Thanks for reading!

#léapiel #leapiel



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