True or not? Let’s go through them !

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1. We are passionate about what we do.

The passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. By cooking for customers, we must bring love and passion into our jobs. …

Tips that will help you in your daily cooking!

1. Slipping chopping board

#léa #piel #french #chef #léapiel #leapiel

Keeping your chopping board from slipping can be helpful. It prevents from accidents and makes any chopping session much easier.

I like to use rubber jar sealers to place under my chopping board. It’s easy to find, easy to clean, easy to store, easy to use, hygienic and it is…

My name is Léa Piel. I am a professional chef and this is my adventure.

#léa #piel #french #chef #léapiel #leapiel

Growing up, I have always been in the kitchen baking cookies, trying to figure out how to make a real and buttery brioche or cooking dinner for my family. At that time I didn’t know that this would become my lifestyle and my passion. …


My name is Léa Piel. I am a chef and I am sharing with you my experience, my tips and much more! Check out my website

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